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Choosing the Right Style of Wooden Hangers


Knowing how to determine which wooden hanger size will meet your needs is the first step in finding the perfect wooden hangers. Hangers that are too small can cause the shoulders of your suits and coats to droop and sag. Alternatively, hangers that are too large can stretch and dimple the shoulders of your clothing. Here is a guide for you to use so you know that you are getting not only the high quality product that you expect from Wooden Hangers USA, but also the correct size wooden hangers for your personal wardrobe.

Infant Hangers
Wooden infant hangers and baby hangers are specifically designed to protect delicate baby garments. They are only 10" wide and fit baby clothes as small as 3 Months and up to 5 Toddler (3M-5T). You can measure infant clothing from where the sleeve meets the shoulder on one side to the other. If this measurement equals more than 10", you may want to move up to the children's 11" wooden hangers.

Children's Hangers
Children's wooden hangers are available in 11", 12", or 14" wide. The 11" children's hangers are great for smaller children's clothing, fitting anywhere from a 5 Toddler to a kid's 7/8 (5T-Child's 7/8). The 12" wooden kid's hangers fit slightly larger kids' clothes, from a size 8 to a size 14 (Child's 8/10-Child's 14). The 14" hangers are the largest of the children's hangers and fit clothing sizes 14-16.

Petite Hangers
If you wear petite sized clothing, you'll be happy to find that we care wooden hangers designed to hang petite sized suits and tops. These hangers are 15 1/2" wide, so they won't stretch out the necks and shoulders of your petite clothing. Measure your petite clothing from where the sleeve meets the shoulder on one side to the other if you're not sure what size hanger to choose.

Women's Hangers
Women's clothing can be a little harder to fit. Measure from shoulder to shoulder, where the top meets the sleeve, on your shirts to determine which size wooden hangers will best meet your needs. Our standard 17" and 18" wooden hangers will fit most women's clothing sizes Small to Extra Large (S-XL) or sizes 6-18.

Men's Hangers
We offer 17" and 18" wide wooden suit hangers that are perfect for hanging men's suits and shirts. If you've had trouble finding the right support for the shoulders of your suits and jackets, you'll love our men's broad wooden hangers. These wood hangers generally fit men's clothing sizes Small to Extra Large (S-XL).

XL Hangers
Plus sized clothing is not only wider in the shoulders, but also weighs more than standard sized clothing. Our sturdy 20" wooden hangers are perfect for hanging tops, coats, jackets, dresses and suits sizes 2 Extra Large to 5 Extra Large (2XL-5XL). Never worry about your clothes snapping the hanger or drooping at the shoulders again.